By: Chris Rayl
Do you use the Samsung NX300 as your like go to camera? And would you recommend it as a beginner camera?

Honestly i really like the camera. I’m very new to photography and it is my first DSLR camera.  I got it because there seemed to be a beginner friendly interface and i liked that it could connect to Samsung phones and tablets to send pictures i take directly to those devices.  It is apparently also capable of shooting in 3D which i have never tried yet. 

Its a nice and relatively easy to use camera but there are a few things Ive had issues with.  The main thing is the camera does not have a view finder to look through to take pictures so you have to rely completely on the digital display, which has a lot of neat helpful features to figure out good exposure, but when you are shooting in strong sunlight it can be very difficult to see the screen.  Another issue is that Samsung is really new to the camera business so there is less availability for lenses.  the longest range lens Ive found for the NX300 is 200mm so its not exactly the best camera choice for animal photography.  Ive read that you can purchase attachments that allow you to use other brand lenses with it but i personally don’t think i will invest in anymore lenses for this particular camera.  Now that i know more about photography i do intend to buy either a Nikon or a Canon when i have the funds.

I should warn you that if you are completely new to photography not to expect to just pick up a new expensive SLR or DSLR and expect everything you shoot to turn out great.  Do some research and learn about how to shoot in good and bad lighting. Look up how exposure, Aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed work. and look into good photography composition.  I got my camera thinking it would do all the work for me but i was wrong and ended up taking a few lessons from a professional photographer in my area to learn.    even after taking the lessons i learned that its still a lot of trial and error.  Photography is an expensive investment but if you take the first step and buy yourself an nice camera just keep shooting and learning. 

Id suggest Jarred Polin aka FroknowsPhoto on youtube for videos to watch for some helpful beginner advice.

SLeeping bear dunes summer 2013

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